Wire Guidance

Wire Guidance Installation

We have specialised cutting equipment unique to AGVS Installations which guarantees accuracy & quality: –

Powerful – 3 Phase electrically powered diamond saw incorporating on-board water tank and re-cycling system.Saw 209x300 Wire Guidance  %tag

Environmentally Friendly  –   Twin vacuum extraction units ensure a dust / slurry free environment.

Suitable for Food & Pharmaceutical industries.

Noise Reduction – Noise is kept to a minimum. Only 89db within a 1 meter radius

Precision  – Accurate within +/- 1mm over whole length on aisle.



Installation Process

Measure, mark and cut slots

Drill holes for Omega Loop & install wire

Insert foam profile

Fill with polyurethane two part mix Svenska Plast.

Install Omega loop at joint slabs

(to allow for any movement)

The installation technique & high quality materials used provide a durable, yet flexible system that can be easily adapted to meet future additions / alterations.

Planning Service

Take advantage of our 25 year experience.  We offer a full installation package from initial estimates through to detailed floor plans and timescales.