Flooring Soultions

Complete flooring solution


Svenska Plast is one of the world’s leading flooring materials. In a test commissioned by IKEA Sweden, it proved to be the best material for use in industrial flooring. A statement that is reiterated by the Swedish construction industry.

Plastic with Memory ! – The flexible molecular structure allows the material to move with concrete as it expands and contracts.

Durable, flexible and the ability to adhere to concrete and itself.


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Existing Concrete floors –  We offer a complete service for remedial work on worn or cracked floors,

through to laying new surfaces on existing concrete floors.

We offer a range of colours & non-slip surfaces to meet your requirements.

Floor Joint & Patch repair

Expansion Joint Repairs –  The failure of concrete expansion joints and existing wire installations

can damage both wires & personnel.

Our Joint repairs are a permanent durable and flexible solution that needs only to be done once.